Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Haley and Kalob's Engagment shoot!

My roommate, Haley, is getting married! Whoo hooo! She is tying the knot with the lovely Kalob in June. Annnnd I got to take their engagement pictures! It was so much fun. They are perfect for each other which I think you can see in the pictures!

Photography Assignment: Final

For this assignment, we had to base our photos off of songs! My favorite!

Just In Time by Trevor Hall

To Build a Home by Cinematic Orchestra

Photography Assignment: Portrait

This assignment was interesting. We had to photograph a stranger. The first guy worked at a hookah store. Oh man, it was quite different to say the least.

Photography Assignment: Lighting

Artificial Lighting:

Natural Lighting :

Mixed Lighting:

Photography Assignment: Composition

During second block of winter semester, I took an intro to photography class. One of our first assignments dealt with composition. We had to show a compositional principle or element in our work. We also had to evoke the emotion of frustration, the act of falling, and the noun water.

Principle/Element: Repetition or Pattern; Emotion: Frustration

Principle/Element: Perspective; Noun: Water

Principle/Element: Color; Verb: Falling